Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pale September

I'll wait in the pale light of september,
yearning for the day to set me free.
I'll paint the light deep into existence,
And bury my love beneath it.

I'll send her off with a kiss on the cheek,
Should my pale September pass me by.
I'll mix my calm into the waters of the lake,
And watch it spread into clear placidity.

I'll touch the cool breeze with my brow,
I'll greet the time with a gentle embrace,
In these few seconds I have the silence,
In these few minutes I have life.

Tell my pale September all is forgotten,
The ticking doesn't escalate into arias,
It simply melts into the stillness, breathing
Soft thoughts into the the living room.

I'll find love when there is room for it,
I'll touch city ground when I have shoes,
I'll see the planet piece by pretty piece,
Until I have rendered the map foreseen.

Till then pale September, keep me steady,
Keep me covered in a thin blanket of quiet.
While I sleep in the pale light that filters in,
From a world that is secretly aging with me.