Friday, October 15, 2010


Spin, spin, spin,
Carve circles in the wood.
Little dendochrons that prove,
That we aged on this table.

Tilt, tilt, tilt,
On your axis and beyond,
Sway about in monochrome,
And dance to the silence.

Fall and raise,
Then tug at my fortune,
Pull it along on a string,
And watch me change colors.

Faster, faster, faster,
Turn faster than the Earth,
So that days turn to years,
But seasons never change.

Red, Blue, Green,
Map my life in colors,
Carry my soul on your tip,
And my future in your trail.

Don't slow down,
Convalesce back to life,
Keep my eyes on your frame,
And mind on your existence.

Stumble now,
Take my euphoria too,
Let my elation fade away,
To the sound of your falling.

Still, still, still,
Be still and be stunned,
Hush me when I complain,
That there is no after-life.