Sunday, April 15, 2012

Diseased That Way.

Father let go, don't you know
That if you touch me,
Your hands will turn to stone?
I'm diseased that way.

Mother accursed, cherished but hurt,
If you fall down,
I won't be there to pick you up again.
I'm diseased that way.

Brother so quiet, you might riot,
If only you knew,
The words that run from my mouth,
I'm diseased that way.

As for my mind, I refuse to find,
Any consequences,
That could compel to me to believe,
I'm not diseased that way.

Strangers I beseech, heed my speech,
I have much to say,
But you can only understand wickedness,
If you're diseased that way.

You're crying, while I'm sighing,
Because I no longer care,
Roll my eyes and drum on the forehead,
It's diseased that way.

My body is weak, the mind bleak,
A heaviness to drown,
That builds up from gut to my brain.
I'm diseased that way.

Building and break, still shaking,
For armies in my blood,
For they fight against not for me.
I'm diseased that way.

Tall tales to tell, about how you're in hell,
Yet I can consume you,
You can consume anyone in one bite,
When you're diseased that way.

I'm diseased that way.