Wednesday, February 8, 2012

With frowning eyes, I turn up to the sun.
It's new, I'm old, there's a tragedy in that.
Escapades of last night peel off into layers,
And I wonder where I'm speechless with words.

The rays seem to poke holes where my soul existed,
My body is simply a sieve for varied intoxicants.
The light is still inadmissible, it wont bend to my nature,
Because guilt has blackened the sheen of my frame.

I rub my eyes; I wonder and groan at being awake,
I wander into my consciousness, and tap myself alive.
I think I understand the merit in being aware of me,
I think I understand why the body dies only once.

I stretch my flesh fully, and with it my coiled spirit,
An honest empathy from the bones encourages me.
I turn to look at the people around me arranged randomly,
Watch them still asleep in a world of haughty ignorance.

There's a totality in the addiction that lay me to waste,
For surely, enlightened minds are not filtered to believe?
Yet I can now only feel as a falling man might feel,
One now content with only falling and not why and he fell.

Curling my toes as a last sign of fatigue, I leap,
Bound into the green, past bottles and tobacco butts.
A heaviness is drifting away, a haze wearing off,
With a clear head I understand the clear sky again.

I stand in the grass and watch the day take full form,
Smile inwardly to myself at the ideas only I understand.
A warm summer breeze plays with the trees this winter,
And perhaps visions of last night are only illusions after all.