Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Summer came. With the tired hands of a mother, it lifted me off the ground, playing upon a breeze. Carrying me this way and that, through fields and trees, above children that play everyday in the sun, above towns and cities,
and I smiled.

It lay me down among my friends, they told me stories of their past and enigmas of their present, they scolded me for my lack of scrutiny towards my own life. They sang, we danced, under smoke and fire, somewhere beside the rain and I felt home again. I drowned in the simple decadence of bliss and I smiled.

The wind picked me up again, forward this time, blew into the hands of a lover, that comforted my fears, magnified my hopes and thawed many winters in my mind. I smelt the earth after rain, the aroma of my favorite food, the tobacco on my breath and I smiled once more.

Another scene, this time I descended with the sun, with the back to the west and my eyes to east. I landed in the garden of the house I grew up in, and the Jasmine tree in the yard began to shed it's flowers. My mother stepped out, handed me a spoon and invited me in. She told me about her day and doted over my hair. I laughed and told her I was tired, that I must sleep because I'd lived a full life. I left for bed and as I fell asleep,
I smiled from ear to ear, immersed in joy I could not explain.

I woke today morning to find myself sleeping, and when I woke myself, I had stopped dreaming.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 AM.

Dead dogs sing songs for living men,
Fighting for what they believed in then,
Mundane street lights
Need to stop flickering.

Dirty, desolate, signs without meaning,
Withered under seasons fleeting,
Without direction
For those who heed them.

Hurried footsteps convey more than they mean,
Flapping to the sound of the idyllic unseen,
Yellow, all yellow,
In artificial sunlight.

Glass tumblers pressed to grateful lips,
Company shared to those without bliss,
Silent crickets
Lurk in no empty corners.

Temptation beats the itching will,
To rescue the self from bleakness still,
Keep tempting the universe
To joke with you.

Breathing through, a silent night,
Dark acquaintances to take away the fright,
Still walking though,
As if the dawn isn't far away.