Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Skin

I wish I could dive right into your Summer Skin,
I’d never have to come up for air, or light.
Just knowing I exist in the twilight glow of your body,
Is sustenance enough to nourish me.

Battles fought with time have lain hours to waste,
The heaving of your chest is calm euphoria,
I cannot contain joy as it attempts to contain me still,
Summer afternoons were our personal mornings.

Sleep came and went while I rubbed my eyes and adjusted,
To the light that embezzled some kind of dream,
Like we were the perpetrators of some idle fantasy,
That had found its way into sentient reality.

The rain fell and the thunderstorms only brought us closer,
I diminished in size with every breath I breathed,
I coloured differently with every touch,
My body found what my mind only had sought.

It's hard not to be distracted by your skin, your grip,

Harder still to not freeze for your eyes.
Holding on to the world seemed frail, so I let it slip,
And hid in the shadow of your frame on mine.

Your shadow bends light, it even bends time.
I'm a puppet in your hands, that aches.
I'm far too fond of breaking your silence sublime,
When you claim even necessary words are unnecessary.

While the rain kept coming we lay there in the stillness waiting,
For the silence to break into some kind of song,
I waited for you tell me that we’re leaving together,
You waited to tell me you were already gone.

Now and again, I still feel your summer skin against mine,
And I lose myself in the wave of phantom affection,
Till I’m driven back to the empty bed,
Where I used to dive into your summer skin.